Every business should have a website, but keeping up with platform updates, security updates, and technology changes is a lot of work that is costly and time consuming.

The problem is that modern website platforms tend to be dynamic: each time someone visits your site a new version of each page is generated with data pulled from databases and files, and a lot of code runs in the background to do so. This makes it much easier for platform developers to make changes, and add features, but at the cost of significantly more complexity, resource usage, and security.

This is a trade off that many business make, but what if you didn’t have to?

Static Sites

A static site is a collection of simple html, css, and possibly javascript files, served as-is from a simple web server. No dynamic pages, no database, no execution for each visit. This takes a lot of the sources of security issues away entirely, and has the benefit that sites can be quite small and served very very quickly without the same resource requirements.

The challenge then becomes creating static sites in an easy-to-do way, keeping as many of the features of the dynamic site as possible. Enter the static site generator

Static Site Generators

What if you took your dynamic site, visited all of the pages, and then saved the output and just used that as your website? Effectively that’s exactly what a static site generator does. It takes information from much simpler markup files, themes, etc. and generates a static site. You can get all of the features you rely on, like photo galleries, blog posts, etc. and without needing to build everything yourself from scratch.

Our Solution

We build off of Hugo or Nikola (two different static site generators) and use automation to test, build, and redeploy static sites periodically without manual intervention. We offer a number of different service levels from hosting-only, up to fully managed sites where you just choose your theme and provide the content to us by email. All sites are backed up and versioned so that your site is protected at all times.

Fully managed sites start from as little as $10/month, with hosting entirely in Canada. Automated deployment and hosting starts from as little as $5/month.

Contact us at contact@nxor.org for more details.